We help organisations understand fully their cyber security posture, manage their cyber risks, and improve their cyber resilience.

Our team has worked across a variety of domains stretching from military to financial and technology sectors

Cyber Resilience 1

For firms to be considered operationally cyber resilient, they should be able to prevent disruption occurring to the extent practicable; adapt systems and processes to continue to provide services and functions in the event of a cyber incident; return to normal running promptly when a disruption is over; and learn and evolve from both incidents and near misses.

Our unique approach is based on executive ownership of cyber risks in operating environments where the consequences of a breach dwarf those traditionally faced by virtually all organisations. We are focused, practical and operational - we are not deskbound advisors or consultants.

We are Cobweb Cyber

Our team has conducted numerous strategic cyber exercises, cyber security assessments, board advisory and design assessments for large national and multinational organisations, startups and SMEs, in a range of sectors including healthcare, financial services, transportation, logistics, technology and professional services.

The common theme is the engagement of the leadership team in owning, directing and improving the cyber resilience of the organisation.


Recent assignments can be shared on request. They include:

Publicly quoted US Company keen to improve its market rating by demonstrating a best in sector cyber governance capability

US shipping company that is upgrading and future proofing connectivity between its HQ, ships, land-based facilities and other capital assets

Large European ferry company using the Cyber Essentials Plus Framework and ISO27001:2013

UK Container Network Interface (CNI) organisations improving their cyber resilience capabilities

Large UK food processing company, post a significant cyber incident

Large UK insurance company with CREST-FCA compliance issues